• Who is DSA?

    Diagnostic Systems Associates is a premier Engineering & Systems Design organization specializing in data acquisition, display and analysis systems. We provide a total solutions approach to the conception, design and development of computer-based data analysis products.

    Grown from a core engineering group specializing in Automotive diagnostic and repair technology, DSA has expanded over the past years from a pure system design firm to providing complete concept-to-product development capability.

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Digital Wrench Registration Version 2.09 & Newer

Please supply the requested information to register your copy of the Digital Wrench software. Click the Register button after all the required information has been entered. DSA respects your privacy.
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Privacy Statement:

DSA collects this software registration information for licensing, technical support, and warranty purposes ONLY. We record your email address to keep you informed of new updates and support information. If you do not include your email address, you will not be informed of changes to the software. The information will NOT be sold, shared, or otherwise distributed to any third party with the exception of the engine/equipment manufacturer from which you originally purchased the Diagnostic Software, or as required by law.