• Who is DSA?

    Diagnostic Systems Associates is a premier Engineering & Systems Design organization specializing in data acquisition, display and analysis systems. We provide a total solutions approach to the conception, design and development of computer-based data analysis products.

    Grown from a core engineering group specializing in Automotive diagnostic and repair technology, DSA has expanded over the past years from a pure system design firm to providing complete concept-to-product development capability.

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Areas of Expertise and Experience

Automotive On-board computer communications & diagnostics:
Specific protocols/systems include ISO 9141, Keyword 2000, J1850, J1708/1587
Automotive Emission Control systems and emissions test programs:
Directly involved with, or responsible for program development in many US emissions programs as well as products for the UK, Germany, Switzerland, France, Spain & Italy.
Automotive Powertrain & Control System Diagnostics:
Our engineers bring nearly 15 years of experience in development of diagnostic products for both powertrain mechanical as well as electronic control components
Embedded systems functional design & software development:
Numerous dedicated products written in assembler, C and Forth
PC Based data acquisition & analysis systems design:
OEM Specific Applications for heavy-duty truck transmission diagnosis as well as complete diagnostic systems for a major US motorcycle manufacturer and Engine Control Systems supplier.
Database/Data Warehouse structural design, data entry & analysis systems:
Several projects related to emissions test systems specifications & reporting databases along with development of database driven on-board computer communications & diagnostic products
Diagnostic/procedural test system authoring & database development systems:
As a critical "behind the scenes" component to many of the above systems, DSA has accumulated extensive experience in the creation of development & maintenance tools used to efficiently assemble & organize the information used to drive a diagnostic system.